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Healing Gold™

Health insurance is essential but there are a lot of healing modalities that are not covered. Our new program allows you to earn or purchase credits that can be redeemed with holistic practitioners.

Are you looking for a meaningful way to get involved with our community? We've created four rewarding options.
Share Writing
Can you explain your approach to mental, physical and spiritual health or inspire others with your own story about healing?
One Cent per View
Share Artwork
If you're a visual artist will you send us a selection of your work from which to curate artwork to be featured in our magazine?
One Cent per View
Share Love
If you have social media and writing skills let us know if you'd be interested in joining our team as a representative.
$15 per Hour
Share Ideas
If you have professional organizational experience tell us if you think you can help us grow our social network and magazine.
$20 per Hour

The value of Healing Gold is equivalent to US currency. That will never change. What will change is the cost of the Healing Gold credits, which are each worth $0.01. When purchased or sold from a third-party vendor the price fluctuates according to supply and demand and is likely to increase steadily.
Road Map
As a social enterprise we're in business to fulfil our humantiarian mission. However, we do need a lot of cash if we're going to help a lot of people.

March 2019
Initial Credit Offering  
You can now earn or purchase Healing Gold from Healers and redeem it with healing practitioners in our network. 

June 2020
Initial Coin Offering
You can still use your credits for healing treatments but you now have the options of converting them into blockchain coins that can be sold. ​​

September 2021
Round A 
You can still use your credits and coins bun you now have the option of converting either into shares of equal value in our company, which will accrue value if and when it grows.  

 December 2022
Round B
Investors can now purchase equity in our company increasing the value of all the shares you've accrued. You can still sell your coins and now you have to the option of selling your shares. 

"I have health insurance in California but I live in Delhi. Someone in my situation could earn credits by writing or contributing artwork and use it for anything from yogic healing, to homeopathy to life coaching and fly back to California if anything serious comes up healthwise."

Benjamin Miller, Healers
"I'm helping Healers in exchange for Healing Gold. I feel blessed and honored to be graced with a gifted, compassionate, incredibly resourceful holistic community. We're expanding collecting insights and identifying more healing options than ever thought possible."

Jo DiFulvio, Healers
"Healers Magazine is an online journal we created in order to fulfill our mission to render holistic healing options much more accessible to the masses. I'm eager to see what Healing Gold can do for people feeling like their options are limited in regard to healing"

Girish Mason, Healers
"We at Healers are here to help practitioners and patients share the wisdom and techniques of all holistic healing modalities. Healing Gold is an exciting new credit system that fills a much-needed gap in regard to healthcare and eventually the blockchain economy.

Khumhring Sheltun, Healers
White Paper

Are you keen to learn more about Healers and Healing Gold? Our white paper is a living document that orients stakeholders to our initative and projects.  
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